Pet and Stock Supplies, Bannockburn and Geelong

As our name implies at B&S Stock and Pet Supplies we carry a very large range of supplies for pets. Domestic pets, working dogs and livestock are all catered for. Making sure your pets and animals are fed quality and wholesome food is important to keep them in optimum health.

At B&S Stock and Pet Supplies we provide clients throughout Geelong, Bannockburn and surrounding regions with:

  • Dog Supplies:
    • Dog food
    • Dog Kennels
    • Dog Beds and Bedding
  • Pet Food and Supplies
    • Bird Seed
    • Bird Cages
  • Poultry Supplies
    • Chicken Feed
    • Poultry Feed
  • Horse Supplies
    • Horse Feed
  • Farrier Supplies
We also carry a large range of Polymaster Stock Troughs all made from high grade polyethylene. Polyethlene troughs are lightweight and easily moved and relocated. Contact us for more information.

We are proud of our association with the following companies:

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Laucke mills
Purina Pro Plan
Royal Canin
Purina Pro Plan
Royal Canin
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