B&S Stock and Pet Supplies - Bannockburn Stock Feed Suppliers 

Suppliers of quality stock feed, pet food, pet supplies, fencing, water troughs, tanks and rural plumbing supplies. 

Pet and Stock Supplies

We stock food and supplies for all types of pets and livestock. Including kennels and farrier supplies. For livestock and horses as well as smaller animals such as chickens, cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, rats and fish we also carry a wide range of products. Call us now or come into our store to discuss grooming and horse care products. 

Fencing Supplies

We stock a wide range of fencing supplies including rural and farm gates and electrical fencing to suit your needs. Animal control is perhaps the most widely recognised reason for electric fencing. Not only does electric fencing keep domestic animals or livestock contained, it has various other important uses. Our suppliers include Gallagher Animal Management Systems and Thunderbird Electric Fencing, 

Water Tanks

Water storage solutions are our specialty. We stock a large volume of water tanks made to the highest standard. B&S Stock & Pet Supplies are proud to stock water tanks from Bushman's, Clark Tanks and Polymaster. We can arrange delivery and installation of water tanks.

Vegie Beds

We have a fantastic range of raised flower and vegie beds that will suit any style of garden. Corrugated iron, stylish and effective for the serious or casual gardener.


B&S Stock and Pet Supplies have a regular supply of firewood and fuel . Call us if you need briquettes, kindling or bagged wood.

Located in Bannockburn Victoria

Based in Bannockburn we supply to surrounding areas including Teesdale, Shelford, Lethbridge, Meredith, Inverleigh, Batesford and Geelong.